Vastu for Hospital

Vastu for Hospitals/Clinics/Nursing Home and Health etc.

The adage ‘health is wealth’ holds a lot of meaning in Vastu Shastra. Vastu has laid down some important guidelines for the best of health of the people which must be followed by them for keeping a good health and remain in the best of spirits. As the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is for all, so following a Vastu guideline for health will keep you always disease free if it is made according to the Zodiac sign. Good health make the family prosper and gives a joy and pleasure in their life. Following certain simple Vastu guidelines can help you prevent illness and diseases and promote a good health. Read on to know how some minor Vastu corrections help in fighting aliments better and also bring a quick recovery.

Vastu Advice for Health

Vastu of a living place is all about procuring good health and all-round prosperity; precisely a house constructed on basis of Vastu rules attains 3 P’s of life Prosperity, Peace and Progress. A structure made with Vastu accordance yield you maximum benefits and bestows health, wealth and harmony. Generally principles of Vastu if followed according to the Zodiac sign, the occupants suffering from prolong illness or some defects, cures organically or naturally as soon as the guidelines are implemented.

Hospital structure should be such that people coming there for recovery must get early recovery with the positivity of prevailing ambience of this organization. However today it rather seems hard because hospitals are being constructed on every site without consideration of direction, location, topography etc. This is the major reason behind the late recovery and problems that emerge at this place. Vastu compliant hospital is one built with essential guidelines and norms such as proper location, direction of rooms, and topography of plot, exteriors and interiors of entire building. Hospital built with Vastu principles makes people recover easily and quickly without leaving them on risk of developing any other complication. Doctor is nothing but a God, “Vaidyo Narayano Hari”, now a day’s Nursing homes and hospitals are getting popular and many nursing homes are coming up daily in the cities. The fame and success of nursing homes and hospitals are decided by the dedication of Doctors and Vastu strength of its buildings. Even today also some of our elders say that if their doctor touches their hand, immediately their fever will come down and getting good health, it is nothing but hand is good. Many doctors may never accept Vastu Shastra., to be frank the educated cannot believe these subjects like Vastu, Astrology etc, but astonishingly now a day’s doctors are following Vastu, and construct their houses / hospital according to Vastu shastra, most of the hospitals, nursing homes in these days are being built according to Vastu norms. Even many famous and skilled doctors have closed their hospitals as their buildings were against the Vastu.

The planning begins with locating a proper site. The basic considerations, of course, will be to select the site near main roads. Proper orientation to the cardinal directions is definitely recommended. A site that has all sites equal would be ideal. In a square, all the primary elements of nature — udaka (water), gagana (space), pavana(air), dahana(agni) and prithvi (earth) are well balanced. If a rectangular site is selected, a length not more than twice the breadth may be chosen.

Once the site is selected, the planning of the structure begins. Allow a minimum of one-ninth of the site free on all four sites. This can be used for movement of traffic, trolleys and stretchers. This one-ninth relates to the Paisacha or non-habitable zone of the site.

Apart from this, when stakes are high in hospital sector, vastu shastra can be applied in hospital location and construction. Vastu works on positive and negative energy. If a hospital has higher positive energy, patient recovery would be faster and ALOS of the patient would be reduced resulting in increased bed turn-over ratio of the hospital.

Vastu Shastra

Vastushastra revolves around five elements. These five elements are: Earth: Geomagnetic energy. Water: Gravitational energy, Fire: Solar energy, Air: Wind energy and Space: Cosmic radiation. These forces have a powerful influence on us and the environment.

Vastushastra deals with arranging our man-made environments so that we are in alignment with these forces of nature. If we are not aligned with solar and geomagnetic forces, it may lead to imbalance among the natural forces. As a result, we may experience illness, misfortune and struggle.

Vastu is not a myth but it is said to be a bridge between human and nature. If one dwells in accordance with the Vastu rules then he will always be bestowed with good fortune and health by Mother Nature. Hospital/Dispensary is a place where people come with a great faith to regain themselves with positive energy. A hospital built in accordance with the Vastu is the source of positive energy which helps patients to recover faster and get back into their routine life.