Interior for Home

Interior Design is a profession concerned with anything that is found inside a space – walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. All of these elements are used by interior designers to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building’s user.

Home interior designs have become important with the progress of modern lifestyle. It gives you a pleasant feeling when you see your interiors decorated beautifully! But when interior design is followed with a few Vastu principles, it will help you invite positive energy into your house, ensuring happiness and peace. The interior decorators will guide you in making a better, beautiful home to live in!

Great importance is given for the decoration of the house with the paintings, idols and especially the main door decoration. The main door was considered very important in ancient days and even today as the people used to think that all the prosperity and money comes from the main door.

Vaastu Shastra makes us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the five basic elements of nature i.e. earth, water, fire, air and space and receiving the blessing of the Gods of the directions.

So following the Vastu Shastra in designing the interior of any rooms such as Bedroom, Living / Drawing room, Guest’s room, Puja room, Children’s Room, Bath room and not only the residence but also Offices, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants can be very beneficial and the occupants gets the blessings of almighty.

Vastu provides some guidelines for interior decoration of the house. Comprehension of zones is important while doing interior of home. Zones are divided into two categories like negative and positive zones. Vastu clarifies to keep positive zones light as compared to negative zones. Heavy furniture and objects should be placed in negative zones whereas light furniture can be placed in positive zones. Negative zones or heavy directions are the South, West and Southwest. Positive zones or light directions are the North, East and Northeast.